Friday, 8 February 2013

Stylish Friday: Rachel McAdams

A beautiful blonde or a gorgeous brunette, Rachel McAdams is one of the few who look amazing in both looks. We all know her and love her, countless films we've seen her in, starting with Mean Girls and The Notebook to Morning Glory and The Vow. My personal favourite is The Notebook where she played a young girl all loved up but facing lots of drama (don't we all). The amount of handsome guys she played along with is making every girl jealous, who wouldn't want to spend loads of time working with Channing Tatuum, Ryan Gosling or Eric Bana. Lucky girl. When I was looking through her 'internet lookbook' aka Google I spent a good couple of hours browsing and choosing pictures for this post. There is so many stunning looks Rachel showed us on the red carpet, well. Let's get down to business. That's some of my favourites:


*Pictures found online


  1. That dress she wore at the Sherlock Holmes premier is sickening! I didn't even realize she had such amazing read carpet style; cool post!


  2. I love the blue strapless watercolor-like-print dress that you've put here! very stunning :D

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  4. She has such a fresh, natural look and wears really elegant outfits on the red carpet. A lovely surprise to see that you are my newest follower - thank you.

  5. love your post !

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  6. I love her :)She is my favorite actress

  7. She is sch an amazing actress! Love her style too :)

  8. She always look so glam!

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  9. i always love what rachel mcadams wears, she looks so put together :)
    Rosie xo
    A Pocketful of Rosie

  10. I don't think I've ever payed attention to how amazing her style is, she looks amazing in all of the photos! I think I like the second dress the most, the low back is beautiful and the fabric is gorgeous!


  11. She is so beautiful, I love how classy she always looks. I adored the dress she wore to the Oscars that you've posted, so gorgeous!