Thursday, 28 March 2013

Maybelline Master Shape Brow

I was surprised to find quite a few negative reviews about this product, but it works really well for me. I've seen a lot of complaints about sharpening it, but not had that problem myself just yet (only sharpened it a little once).  I only just started getting into eyebrow pencils about a year or so ago, so I didn't try that many just yet. Before I got Maybelline's Master Shape Brow I was using MUA's one but I wasn't impressed with it, and the same goes for Rimmel's brow pencil unfortunately. I'm glad I decided to try this one out as I find it best I had so far. It's got a waxy consistency and applies smoothly, it leaves a natural look and helps to keep my brows in place for hours (longest I had it on was 8h). My eyebrows are nicely shaped and filled thanks to this product. However, I will still keep an eye out and maybe get a couple of high end brow products just to see if they would work better than drugstore ones, but so far Maybelline one is my favourite.
Maybelline Master Shape Brow: £2.99



  1. That's the one I'm using purely because its the only one that does a light shade of blonde, no complaints off me! x

  2. Great Review! Like that this come with the little spooly on the end! xx

  3. Nice Bog :)

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  4. lovely review! every eyebrow pencil should come with a spooly too!x

  5. Definitely going to try this out as I'm always having trouble with eyebrow pencils, the mua one is terrible! xx