Thursday, 17 January 2013

Eyeshadow: MUA

I was never an eyeshadow person, probably because I couldn't find any good ones that would stay on for longer than a couple of hours. Only recently I decided to have another go and got quite a few. I didn't get my hopes up too much though.
MUA eyeshadows are £1, so I grabbed a few but I thought one quid most likely won't get me far. I couldn't be any more wrong. They are so pigmented and apply easier than I thought. They stay on the eyelids for hours and hours, I usually use them during the day and there is no smudging or anything since the moment they are applied until the moment they are taken off. I've not been impressed with anything as cheap and as good yet. I am definitelty going to be getting more on my next trip to Superdrug. MUA surprises me every time. First I have doubts because of the price, then I fall in love. But then again, it's better to be surprised by the quality of the product you're not sure about than get your hopes up and be disappointed.
^ Top left: Shade 3 - Pearl
Bottom left: Shade 20 - Matt
Top right: Shade 30 - Pearl
Bottom right: Shade 24 - Pearl
^ From left: Shade 3 - Pearl, Shade 30 - Pearl, Shade 20 - Matt, Shade 24 - Pearl



  1. MUA are so cheap and tempting to buy! I've heard great things about the MUA palette too :) xo

  2. Oh I LOVE MUA those shades looks amaze! I did a blog and Youtube video on my own MUA haul and a 'how-to' on their fur effects nails if you fancy a looksie:
    I'm def a new follower of your fab blog! Do you think you could take a peek at mine and maybe follow back?
    Thank you

  3. I think most of their products improved! Really like the shade 24 and 20!

  4. i'm the same as you with eyeshadow
    i just never think to put any on
    I have so much in my makeup drawer as well
    They are gorgeous shades
    I might grab myself one!
    lovely jubbly

  5. Ohhh i love the MUA shadows, i use the MUA palette at the minute and all the colours are perfect xx

  6. lovely colours!!


  7. Love the colors! Thanks for the review and introduction to this brand :)
    Following back!

  8. love the products!

  9. I bought the pearl bronze colour eyeshadow the other day and really liked it!
    Great review!
    Check out my blog? I followed you :-) I love your blog!

  10. These colours look amazing. I only have one of their shadows (#12) and the Heaven & Earth Palette. I wish they were availble over here as MUA is such good value.

  11. I'm loving MUA makeup at the moment as it's such good value for money. I have two of those eye shadows (the pink and gold glittery ones) and I have yet to use them.. Have you got any good tips when applying them, do you have any colour combinations that work well?

    Olivia xx