Sunday, 28 April 2013

Maybelline Falsies Mascara | Review

I know I'm so behind with this one but I just never got round to getting the Falsies mascara even though I wanted to try it for ages and heard lots of positive things. And then a couple of weeks ago Boots had an offer for £2 off on Maybelline mascaras so I didn't even think twice and finally got it. Now after using it for a while I absolutely love it and it replaced Maybelline's Rocket in my makeup bag. The mascara has a curved wand which helps to get the product evenly on each lash and apply it easily. Also, the brush doesn't smear on the eyelids, which is another reason why I'm loving it so much. It gave my lashes volume, length and no clumps. The formula is quite wet but it dries pretty fast and doesn't smudge or flake after hours and hours of wearing it. In fact I am still wearing it right now, since around 11am and it looks just great. I think Maybelline might just be my favourite mascara brand at the moment, keeps impressing me over and over again.
Have you tried any Maybelline mascaras? Which one is your favourite?
Maybelline Falsies: £7.99



  1. Your eyelashes look beautiful.
    I really like the packaging to,
    The pink is so pretty

    Kelly ||

  2. ooo awesome, i might have to try it out when my mascara im using right now runs out!


    ♥ Ellen
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  3. Nice tip! I've never tried this mascara but my fav lipstick ever was a Maybeline one, think it doesn't exist anymore, i had years ago!!!
    My mascara is two (LOL): a Mac one, very normal, with double effect but i prefer my night is awesome!
    Following you, follow back?
    Big kiss, loved your blog!

  4. I'm always on the lookout for affordable and good mascara, good review!
    For UFC fights, my fav is also GSP bc the man has got class as well as being kickass ;) Although he is too cocky for my liking, I also enjoy watching Jon Jones since he has such an exciting fighting style. Did you see yesterday's fight? Kinda don't think Sonnen belonged in that octagon with Jones...

    xx Debbie

  5. Hi Natalia! thanks you for follow my blog :) I follow you nice blog now, I have not tried the Maybelline mascara but it has good finish, kisses.

  6. Great tips :)
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  7. Great post, i was always curious about this product.

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  9. lovely lashes!
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  10. great review and lovely lashes. Thank you for another visit in my blog and for the kind words.


  11. Queda muy bien, me encanta el resultado!!

  12. your eyelashes look very long and strong ;)

  13. This is definitely one of my favourite mascara's ever too. Love how it looks.

  14. I saw this one the other day at drugstore but didn't buy it! Now I thik I'll give it a try after ur review!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  15. Nice review! Thanks for commenting and following my blog. I followed you back.

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  16. I have try this mascara
    and it was a good one!

    Thanks for vissiting my blog dear :)

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  18. lovely post dear. need to buy this mascara.


  19. My favorite one is from Mac, but I'm always open to try new (cheaper) options, so I've writen this one down to try it when I finish mine! Your eyelashes look great and so long, I'm definitely going to try this mascara!

    looove hun!


  20. Thanks for the review!! Very interesting!!

  21. I had the falses mascara but not the "lace" one.
    Looks good on you!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  22. Wow lovely lashes! Seems great :D

    I followed you back by the way ! Thanks for following me and my fashion blog!

  23. Your lashes look so long after using this product! I use The Colossal Volume Express one from Maybelline, it's amazing! :)

  24. Love product reviews! This so great lets us all know how a product is before we buy! great lashes

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  25. i have the yellow one from maybelline and its great!
    love this one too!
    looks good on u!

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    Amy |

  27. i love this mascara! i used to use this and the yellow one... this post reminds me that I actually need to buy a new mascara., =)

    xo, Carla

  28. Nice post! :)

  29. I´m definitely gonna try it!
    and thank you for following, I´m following you back!
    xx Vanes

  30. loving you lashes! x

  31. Wow for 2? That´s so cheap. I´ve had never bought it,I think it´s to expensive for a mascara XD

  32. You have wonderful blog!
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  33. I love the Mascara really much!!

  34. Wow your eyelashes look amazing! I love Maybelline mascara so much!
    Now following you on BL (:
    Fashion Ganache.

  35. Falsies is pretty good,
    but I felt it didn't last long,
    My bottle dried out a bit before I was done with it.
    I want to try lash potion.
    Have you tried that one yet?
    & thanks for the follow, I'll gladly follow you back too.
    Let me know if you want to exchange follows on any other media.

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  36. Haha I do love a good deal :) Need to get a new mascara actually so I might pick this one up and give it a go :) Ta for stopping by the ol'blog :)

    Mo x

  37. Me encanta tu blog!!!!te sigo. Besitos

  38. Your lashes are sooo long, lucky you :)

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