Monday, 8 April 2013

Rimmer Undercover Shadow Primer

Rimmel has been on a roll lately, not so long ago the brand released their eyeshadow primer. I wasn't too keen on it, I didn't like the packaging or the consistency of it but I decided to give it a go anyway and try something new after using NYX primer for ages now. It's the cheapest primer I came across, I heard that MUA has one but couldn't find it anywhere. Considering it's designed in a lipgloss/concealer form the applicator doesn't spread the product well and it needs to be blended with a finger. The product itself is a white, shimmery liquid that becomes smooth once applied to the lids. It usually lasts around 5 hours for me before the eyeshadow starts to fade and crease, so it's not the best result. It doesn't work well at all with cream eyeshadows I noticed, probably because they don't need a base but helps with powder ones. I find that NYX primer works much better for me so I don't think I will be using this one a lot.
Rimmel Undercover Shadow Primer: £4.99



  1. Oh well you some you lose some hahaha xx

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  2. Tbh I'm not keen on the packaging kinda looks...out of touch with the rest of the Rimmel products but that's just me. I heard the MUA one is pretty good (yet to try it myself :D)


  3. I haven't tried this, but I am loving a ton of Rimmel products.

  4. I was going to get this so thank you for changing my mind! I'll check the NYX one out next.

  5. Such a pity this didn't work for you... The consistency looks very thin... Rimmel have been releasing some great stuff in recent months so I suppose it was expected that one of them wouldn't be great!

  6. Thanks for the honest review, I'm also after a good drugstore primer but have yet to find one! x

  7. great review, im not a big fan of rimmel anyway
    leila xx

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  9. The consistency looks really... uh... -.-

  10. I agree, the packaging looks a bit tacky- I recently made my own primer, a tutorial will be coming soon on my blog :)

    Charlotte xxx

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  12. Thanks for the honest review!

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  13. i'll try it !! :)

  14. i'll try it 2


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